Can I search for any specific ticket?

Yes, you surely can.

  1. Go to Tickets/Customers > Manage Tickets.
  2. Click on Expand Search Form to show Filter settings. 
  3. Apply a filter to search for a specific ticket by narrowing down your search.

You can search for tickets by applying multiple filters:

Created between Dates – To Date: You can search for tickets by selecting dates from the calendar.
Customer name –  
You can search for tickets by customer name, mobile number or phone.
Search by Info/Issue Type/IMEI/Service Tag/Network/Passcode:
You can search for tickets by ticket info, issue type, IMEI, passcode, network.
Ticket Status: You can filter tickets by ticket status.
Allocated To: You can search for tickets by the ticket assignee.
Hide Completed Tickets: To hide those tickets which have been closed from search results. 

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