In MGR you can refund money back to the customer via cash, credit card or cheque etc.


Start the process by going to “Sales“, select “POS Sales” and find the invoice you want to refund. Now click on the refund icon in ticket action.

It’ll take you to the “Return Sale” page. On that page in “Return Items” you can edit the return quantity. You can remove the item or you can set the return quantity to zero if it’s not being returned.

It’ll show you the “Paid Amount” on that invoice and how it was paid.
The “Payment Reference”, “Amount” and “Paying By” below “Returned Amount” is for the shop use. add “Return Notes” and then click on “Submit”.

After submitting it’ll take you back to the “POS Sales” page and it’ll show invoice with the “Status” “Returned” and all the details about the invoice.

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