Prepaid balance allows you to sell balance (which is equal to hours) to be applied on an invoice at a later date. It’s just like a subscription model, where your customers pay for your services monthly. Giving them credit balance gives them more control over the usability because it can be used on a ticket, labour, service, physical parts, pos item, gift cards etc. You can set up recurring billing for automation however you will need to make a manual payment. There is an option to carry over the balance too or you can expire not used balance after the given period.

The steps are as follows…

  1. Please make sure that “Customer Credit” is enabled in the shop settings. Please go to “Shop Settings” > “Customer Tab” > “Loyalty Rewards/Customer Credit“.
  2. Please go to the POS interface to sell Pre-Paid credit. Click on the “Sell Prepaid Credit” button.
  3. Please add the following information.
    1. Value Amount: Actual value of the balance e.g. £100
    2. Charge Price: What are you charging them? e.g. £90, just like gift cards, you can sell them at cheaper rates.
    3. Expiry: When are they going to expire? This is like a monthly plan.
    4. Recurring: Add them in the recurring billing.
    5. Carryover Balance: Allow them to carry over the balance to the next billing cycle.
  4. Once finished click on “Sell Prepaid Credit“, it will be added in the basket, click on the “Payment” button to proceed. You can add more items from the pos however recurring billing will ONLY add the “Prepaid” items in the invoice.
  5. Once paid credit will be added to the customers’ balance and can be used straight away.

How to use the prepaid balance on the tickets and POS?

You create the ticket or POS order as normal, on the “Take Payment” interface you will see customer’s balance. You will be redeeming the “Rewards Points Balance”  in this case.

Can I give my customer some money as a goodwill gesture?

Of course, you can, please modify the customer and select “Add Manual Rewards“. Enter the rewards in the “Customer Credit Manual” and press “Add Rewards“.

How does recurring billing work with prepaid balance?

  1. Please go to “Product Manager” > “Prepaid Credit“.
  2. The page will list all the prepaid schedules along with the pending payments counter. Where the counter is greater than 0 you will need to take the payment.
  3. Click on the view icon. which will list all the payments. Click on the “Take Payment” icon which will take you to the POS and data will be pre-filled.

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