How to create a repair ticket?

There are a ton of ways of creating Tickets!

You can click on the big green button “New Ticket” on the Dashboard screen.

You can click on the Tickets/Customers and locate the blue button on the left that says ‘New Ticket’

You can create a Ticket from the Customer’s Detail screen!

You can also create a ticket from the POS interface as well.

Here are some other ways to create tickets in MGR. We’re always in favour of creating tickets in different ways.

  • Via Estimates – When you convert the estimate to a ticket.
  • Via Leads –  When you convert leads to a ticket.
  • Ticket Presets – From the ticket preset or preset wizard
  • Via Calendar – Calendar does have the option to create a ticket while you’re making an appointment.
  • Inbound Email Rules – When we trigger your inbound email rules.
  • API Interface – You can build your own interface and create a ticket via the API interface.
  • Zapier Integrations – We support ticket creation from all the Zapier apps (over 2000+ apps)
  • Via Embedded Widgets – Leads Widget, Ticket Preset Widget etc
  • Customer Portal – Customers can create individual or bulk tickets if they are allowed.

That’s it! Good job opening the ticket!

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