To integrate MyGadgetRepairs with Ingram’s new API (v5), you would first need to create a Production App on Ingram’s developer portal. Follow the below steps to create an app and retrieve API credentials from Ingram:

  1. Sign up for Ingram’s developer account at
    1. Log in to the developer portal if you have already registered.
  2. Go to the “Apps” section inside the portal
  3. Click on “Add Production App”
  4. Set the app name (Ex.: MyGadgetRepairs)
  5. In the description field mention that this app is for a third-party solution called MyGadgetRepairs (E.g. Third-party app “MyGadgetRepairs” will be using the app to query real-time pricing, availability, order and invoices from Ingram)
  6. Enable the followings.
    1. “Order Management”
    2. “Product Catalog”
    3. “Invoices Management”
  7. Enter your sales/account manager email
  8. Add the app. This will submit the app for approval. It usually takes 2 days to get approved.
  9. Click on the app again, and note down Customer number, ClientID, and Client Secret. This will be needed to connect Ingram with MyGadgetRepairs.
  10. Next step is to configure webhooks. Please click on the “Webhooks” link as shown in the following screenshot.
  11. From the next screen please make a note of the “Webhook Secret Key“. This will be needed to connect Ingram with MyGadgetRepairs.
  12. Enter the following URL in the “Destination URL“.
  13. Enable the followings
    1. IM::order_hold
    2. IM::order_invoiced
    3. IM::order_shipped
    4. IM::order_voided
  14. Once finished click on the “Add Webhook” to finish the process. Now you should have a Customer number, ClientID, Client Secret, and Webhook Secret Key.
  15. Let’s go to MGR and enter the above information in the integration settings as shown in the following screenshot.
  16. We may ask for the Ingram Micro FTP details as well if it’s configured on your account.


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