A saved search is a saved set of criteria that returns the latest data that meet that criteria. For example, if you want to list all the tickets that contain the “Status“, “In Progress” and “New” after a set date, you can create a saved search with that criteria. Please note that every single search field available in the “Search Form” can be added as the criteria so possibilities are endless.

In MGR, you can create saved searches by defining custom queries and unique views. You can also execute a search on the fly, save it for later use, or perform a combination of these tasks.

Please note that the “Saved Search” feature is a user-based which means all the “Saved Search” will only be available to that user however once you have created the “Saved Searches” you can easily copy/share it to other users within the shop.

Let’s create your first “Saved Search”.

  1. Please go to “All Tickets
  2. Expand the “Search Form“.
  3. All available fields including the “Ticket Custom Fields” can be added in your search, please make your criteria as desired. In the following example, I have selected 2 different statuses “In Progress and New” along with “Created between” and “Hide Finished“.
  4. Once ready, please click on the “Filter and Save Search” button rather than just “Filter Tickets“. It will open the following popup where you can give that search a name, there are also 2 additional settings.
    • Set as default search criteria for this form“, this will make the “Saved Search” as your default “All Tickets” search
    • Show in Activity Boxes“, this will create a new box along with other “Activity Boxes” so it’s easy to see the total and when you click on it it will perform this search.
  5. When ready click on the “Save New Search” in my case I set “Yes” to “Show in Activity Boxes” and as you can see I have a new box with the “Activity Boxes” as you can see from the following screenshot. As soon as you have 1 or more “Saved Searches” you will see a drop-down containing the list of “Saved Searches” along with the icon which will let you manage (Order, Delete or Share) the “Saved Searches“.
  6. Now let’s talk about the “Saved Searches Manager” when you click on the icon next to the drop-down you will see the following popup.

    As you can see it will let you perform the followings.

    1. Order: Change the order of the searches.
    2. Delete: Let’s you delete the saved search.
    3. Share: Let’s you share that search across other users, please note that if you delete a saved search which has been shared across other users, it will only delete from that user other users will still have that.

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