Mobile numbers or phone numbers can be displayed in the standard local format when showing or printing templates. Existing template tags can be used for the purpose with a little tweak.

By default, the tag [CUSTOMER_MOBILE] would show a complete mobile number in international format in printable templates. To print that mobile number in standard local format, the tag can have an attribute “FORMAT” with the value set as 2 character country code based on ISO 3166 specifications.

International Format


Output: +447700900077 UK/GB

Output: +12025550194 USA

Standard Local Format


Output: 07700 900077


Output: (202) 555-0194

The following tags, templates, and formats are supported right now.

Supported Tags


Supported Formats

  • GB 07700 900077
  • US (202) 555-0194
  • FR 471 12 34 56
  • BE 470 12 34 56

Supported Templates

  • Ticket Label
  • Estimate Label
  • Customer Label
  • Shipping Label
  • Loan Device Label
  • Customer Purchase Label
  • Product Label
  • Ticket/Customer Receipt
  • Estimate Receipt
  • POS Receipt
  • Ticket Invoice

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