MGR allows your user rights in the system, which enables you to add or take rights away from your staff. The option allows you to restrict access to sensitive data in MGR to specific teams (groups). There are many options to allow you to configure it to your exact needs, and several automatic assignment options to ensure that your users can always access the data that they need.

Please note that you can also, change the existing rights of “Admin / Manager / Employee and Technician)”, let’s say you want to give some extra rights to all the “Technicians”, now you simply edit the group called “Technician”, tick the rights to want to add and it will apply to all technicians.

Please note that every time you make a change to an existing group, it is recommended for all the users within that group to log out and log in again to reflect the new changes however we have added an option called “Logout all existing sessions of this user type” which is recommended to set as Yes if you have made some changes. This will automatically log out all existing users of that group.

The key feature is to create your own groups, assign rights and then attach users to that group. Let’s start.

  1. Please go to the “Shop User/Staff” manager.
  2. Click on the “Shop User/Staff Rights Groups” button.
  3. You will see the default 4 groups (Admin / Manager / Employee and Technician). Click on the “Add Rights Group” button from the top left hand.
  4. You will see the list of rights based on the categories. Please select the one you need to assign to that group or you can use the “Load” dropdown and select from the existing one.
  5. Once you finished please click on the “Add Rights Group“. Now the user group is created.
  6. Please go to the staff/user and click on modify.
    1. Click on the “Type” dropdown and select “Custom Rights“.
    2. From the “Custom Rights Groups” dropdown select the group you just created.

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