Repair with Spare, loan device module.

The device in repair!? Don’t have a spare? Loan one from us.

Above is a really good feature to offer your customers so they are not without a device while you repair their faulty device.

Lets us walk you through the whole process.

  1. Add Load Devices
    To add load devices please go to Ticket/Customers > Loan Devices, click on “Add Loan Device” button from the top.If there are any legal documents to sign then please select here, the system will prompt them to agree and sign during the “Assign load device” process.
  2. Once all the devices are added, you will be able to assign them via the ticket interface.
    The system will only show you the available device from the drop-down. Once selected then the system will generate the appropriate paperwork if configured. Please select the “Agreed Return Date” and add pictures before they take the device so you know what was the condition when they took it. When ready click on “Assign Device” button. The system will also print a label which you can stick on the back of the device so the customer knows when to return the device, however, they will get email / SMS notifications few days before anyway.
  3. You will now see a new tab in the ticket called “Load Devices“, also load device page will show the relevant information.

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